Monday, 28 April 2008

Seeing Double

Just like the buses, when they dont turn up along came two. After not seeing my hedgehogs for a few nights, was more than surprised and even more delighted to see two.
Though the food was gone the next morning i did not see them. This more than makes up for it. Was quite surprised that they were feeding together. When they left, they both went in different directions.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

night visitor.

This is one of the hedgehogs that comes to feed in my garden. It likes to feast on fatballs, dried mealworms and suet pellets. Did climb up on to my other feeder which contains a crumble of peanuts, sunflower hearts, dried mealworms and suet. Is beginning to be a regular visitor now.

this is the nest of a wren that i found in a railway cutting. A pouch like nest with a small opening. This particular one i suspect is still in the building stage.

In the same railway cutting i did find the nest of a blackbird which as you see has three eggs in it. I must stress that i never shood the bird away to get this shot. The bird had already left the nest by the time i got there. And i only stayed long enough to get this photo.

Further along my walk a peacock butterfly was flittering around. Did not think it would stay still long enough to get a shot. But with patience i was rewarded.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Wood Pidgeon

Today i managed to get a quick snap of one of the wood pidgeons that come to feed. Was nice to see them again, being absent for a couple of days.

No takers so far for the new feeder with the home brew in it. But i did notice a rook taking a keen interest while perched on the fence. Felt pretty sure it would try and get to it, but alas traffic in the street frightened it off.

Went for my usuall walk today, and decided to take a detour to the creek to see what was there wildlife wise. None to speak of, but talking with a lady was informed that two little egrets were there early in the morning. Also from another source was told that otters have been seen there. How reliable that information is i could not say.

My two pidgeons returned in the evening for a last feed. Not seen the hedgehog since i photographed it.