Monday, 31 March 2008

Monday March 31

We all know how bird food can be rather expensive, and we want to do the best for the birds that visit.

So i put my thinking cap on and thought can i come up with something i can make for myself. After looking around at various mixes, with good fat and protein content i have come up with a mix that i think the birds will like.

By weight i used 300g of peanuts.

150g sunflower hearts.

30g dried mealworms.

125g beef suet.

I then put all those ingredients in a large bowl and mixed it around by hand. I then put the mix into a electric meat mincer. I used the large hole size that i had, which seems to be roughly 1/4 inch across. What comes out of the mincer can resemble a crumble mix. I also found that if the moisture content of the nut is high then this can vary.

What i have done is convert a squirrel feeder so i can use this mix. I put in a wooden backplate inside from back to front so it represents a slope so as the feed with come forward to front. And an extra piece of wood on bottom so as to raise a bit to help keep drier.

Here is a pic of the finished feeder complete with feed.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Sunday

Have not seen any rooks for a few days now, that is better. Dont mind the odd couple, but the invasion that came i did not care for.

This morning after getting back home from the dog walk, i seen my usuall blackbird which was the female. Have not seen the male for several days now, hope he is ok. The two magpies were about as well. They just love those suet pellets.

Also a first for me this morning, a woodpigeon came for some food. I see them on the rooftops but never actually in my garden. Came twice for a feed, am very pleased about that. Goes to show it may be little but am making a difference.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Good friday

Today outside is blowing a hoot. Went out with the doggy first thing this morning. On the way back noticed that one of my blackbirds was feeding, which was nice to see as i thought the rook invasion i had may have put it off visiting.

got to my front door last night and the dog was kicking up a fuss. Just did not want to go inside. Was then that i seen the reason. A hedgehog was behind the bin. So took it inside for a short while so i could get a photograph of it.