Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Window Feeder

as i had nowhere really suitable to put live mealworms, i decided to try a window feeder. To begin with a magpie did not take long to suss it out, but i did not want it to have my mealworms. They were intended for the smaller birds to feed their fledgling.

While i was pottering about in the garden, i heard this fluttering, and to my surprise there was a starling on the window feeder. Was able to get quite close and observe it feeding. Would eat some and then take a beakfull away.

While it was gone i dashed in to get the camera, to see if i could get a bit closer for a few shots.

As can see, i done rather well in getting a small sequence of shots of the starling. Set camera to program mode, so as not to fiddle about with settings.