Wednesday, 7 January 2009

New Arrival

Today seen the arrival of a new bird to my garden. When it came in had its back to me, and i thought it was the female blackbird that graces my garden. Then it turned around, and could see it was not a blackbird but a song thrush. By the time i had gotten the camera it was gone.

I was more than happy to see it return. Went to the banquet dish first and took a tasty dried mealworm. Then it went to another tray and took some dried fruit and then some nuts. Was ready with camera, but due to failing light and slow shutter speed, not the best of pics. Has a little camera shake.

This is the birdy banquet that i made up this morning. It has peanuts crushed as well as sunflower hearts. Together with some suet pellets, dried mealworms and sultanas.
Also has a selection of fruit in the form of green grapes, apple, red melon and white melon. Heres hoping i get some takers.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Pied Wagtails

A nice start to the new year for me. Two pied wagtails have graced my garden for the past couple of days. They dont seem to be bothered by the starlings that come in to feed either.

I dont know if the one opposite is a juvenile or not. Am going by the grey that it has mixed with what should be quite white on the throat and cheeks.

As one can see the one to the right has better white on the throat and cheeks. To my surprise i also notice that it has been rung. Was fortunate to be able to have photographed them on birdy bath as well. Taken through net curtains, so not the best of pics.