Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Tonights Pic

Was doing hedgehog watch tonight, after i got back with the dog. Was one already feeding, and not long before others arrived.

Two babies were together, but when i went out with camera decided to hide in rockery plant. Got a quite a nice photo as can be seen here.
Down on the garden path i seen that a very large one was feeding below the bird table. And it got startled while watching from window. Then could see what it was. A huge one came along as well. They did not fight but was a little tense to say the least. Eventually the larger of the two scuttled off.

Monday, 28 July 2008


I could well be losing count now as to the amount of tiny`s that are visiting. Could this one be No3 it was certainly slightly bigger than 1&2. Was difficult to keep up with its running, but got this pic when he was trying to hide.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Another Tiny

Tonight Tiny the hedgehog came again for a feast of dried mealworms. Whilst feeding a much larger one came to another feeder.

Tiny had its fill and went to another part of the garden. Then to my surprise another tiny came in and started looking for food. At the moment it is Tiny2 until i can think of a suitable name. So meet Tiny2.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Introducing Tiny.

Friday night on the 25th July, i was fortunate enough to have a new night time visitor to the garden. I named it "Tiny" because of how small it was. Only the size of a hamster. I hope it calls often. First time i have seen a hedgehog this small.

Standoff at the table.

Was tickled to watch these two Wood Pigeons at the bird table. Both wanted the food, but would not let one another get there. Was stalemate for a while, but both settled down to feed each side of the feeder.

Early Birds

Thought it would be interesting to see which birds came first to the table and feeders for a morning. I started my lookout from about 6:50 am on the 23rd of july, and had camera at the ready. The first that i seen was a wood pigeon.

Second to the feeders was an adult and young starling, having a feast of dried mealworms. That was after 7am. All in all a good little study to carry out as to the birds i seen first. Of course not to say some may have been earlier.

Injured Chaffinch

On the 13th of july i came across an injured chaffinch on a path. Took it home to have a better look at it, and to see how bad or not it was injured. The only one i could see was its eye.

Put it somewhere quiet with some food and water and checked on it from time to time. After 24 hours it seem to be doing a lot better and had been eating, which was good news indeed.

It was able to fly around where i kept it in a room and seemed quite happy to be having a flitter. Still eating and drinking rather well, a very good sign of recovery.

On the third day it was really flying around and its eye had cleared up of its injury. Was then that i decided that it would not be fair to keep it any longer. I duly opened up the window, and after a moment or two flew out. Was good to know that i could help this bird.